Executive Team

Our Family

Tabitha Ally

  • Has her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration Accounting
  • In 2009 she received her Masters Degree in Taxation
  • Is a proud mother of two young children

Naudia Campbell

  • Licensed Health, Accident & Health Agent
  • 10 years small business ownership experience
  • Born in Birmingham, England

Maria Colon

  • Maria has been a member of the CCG family for over 20 years
  • Manages CCG's Provider Relations Department and maintains the provider database system
  • Has experience in medical billing/coding

Richard D'Andrea

  • Rich began his marketing/graphics career with the company in 2004
  • Has a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphics Design/Communications from Northeastern University
  • Received his MBA in marketing from C.W. Post Long Island University in 2007

April Levine

  • Has been with CCG since 2004
  • Manages and trains CCGs entire Customer Care Department

Rory Tastensen

  • Has been with CCG for over 8 years
  • Licensed agent in Life, Accident and Health
  • Worked for the Medical Society State of New York for 10 years

Lisa Wallace

  • Has been with CCG since 2005
  • Has over 20 years of Business administration and Management experience
  • Licensed Accident & Health Insurance Broker