Corporate Officers

Our Family

Robert Hodes

Cost Containment Group, Inc. President and CEO. Mr. Hodes is instrumental in facilitating numerous life saving endeavors through his support and/or participation on the board of: 1) Save the Rain; a 501C3 building rain catchment systems on schools in Africa to provide a clean water source for children. 2) Humanity For Horses; a rescue sanctuary for thoroughbreds, wild horses and other animals. 3) Rescue Ranch; a rescue, adopt out and foster outreach program for dogs. Mr. Hodes was formerly a Global Leadership Group member with The Hunger Project; a worldwide organization driving the decline of infant mortality rates through health and economic Strategic Planning in Action initiatives for the empowerment of rural women and men.

Tracy Bourandas

Tracy has been with the company for over 20 years and has made it the family it is today. Has extensive experience in every department and detail of the CCG business. Is a Business Administration Graduate from Hofstra University