Basic Needs Insurance Solutions

Sickness & Accident Plans

CCG's Patriot Health Agency works with various insurance carriers who provide insurance for basic needs in the form of Sickness and Accident Plans*. Plans can include: Payments paid on a periodic basis for various needs including but not limited to: Doctor visits, Hospital Stays, ER Visits, Surgery and more. CCG designs shelf and customizable plans using best in-niche carriers and networks based on your needs.

*These forms of insurance are not intended to provide the minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They are not Major Medical or Comprehensive Medical Insurance Coverages, and are neither a Minimum Essential Health Benefit Plan nor are they Workers' Compensation Insurance under federal and/or state law. Contact us for more details.

Other Products Available Include:

Accidental Dealth and Dismemberment Insurance

What is it? If a Covered Person is injured in a Covered Accident and the injury from such Accident causes death or dismemberment within 365 days from the date of the Accident, the insurance company will pay the coverage amount.

CCG allows you to choose from multiple carrier options and benefit amounts. Spouse and Child Coverage options are also available.

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Accident Medical Expense Insurance What is it? If you are injured in a covered Accident and receive treatment from a Doctor within 365 days from the date of the Accident, the insurance company will pay up to the coverage amount for actual expenses related to:
Hospital room and board (up to the semi-private room rate), General nursing care, Hospital miscellaneous expenses during a hospital confinement or for outpatient surgery under general anesthetic, Laboratory tests, X-rays, Anesthesia, Prescription drugs, Therapeutic services and supplies, Hospital emergency care, Doctor’s visits (inpatient and outpatient), Dental treatment for injury to sound natural teeth.

Spouse and dependent covered as well. Subject to a $100 deductible applies per Accident per Covered Person.

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